Art Game

Yesterday I had lunch with a client who’s become a friend- I love when this happens! Naturally we got to talking about decorating, my favorite subject that I never seem to tire of. 


She: I’ve been really intent on finding a great piece of art for our living room. It’s so hard!

Me: I know!. It’s one of those things that you always find when you’re not looking. Like love. And shoes. 

She: So true!

Me: There are few hot galleries in SF to check out. I’ll send you the names. Also a new online source- Saatchi- that looks really cool.

She: Oh, yeah! You got their catalog, too! I was impressed! Do you know if they’re the same as the Saatchi Gallery in London?

Me: Probably, maybe. [I really need to go to London.]


I felt rather foolish. Of course she had seen the same catalog. We’re in the same demographic. We shop at the same stores. Which was all fine and well- it was a pleasant lunch date after all and we were having a great time. But I wasn’t done w/ this subject. No sir. On my drive home, I engaged in a sufficient amount of kicking myself and a little gentle berating for good measure. And then I agreed that I needed to up my Art game. 


And by upping my Art game, I mean compile a good directory to share! 


Art is essential, evocative and makes a room feel personal. When a project is nearing the end and the budget is spent, art and accessories are almost always the things that get cut. Too often this means I don’t get to see the design in it’s fullest glory. 

So here’s some great places to find artwork.

May you get inspired, excited, and find pieces that grab you. May you also send me a photo so I can see what you bought and be able to sleep well knowing that you followed our design scheme. 

Viva everything!  xo Libra




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