Hi I’m Libra!

My belief as an interior designer is that every home has a story to tell- about the people who live there, the architecture, the history.

My role is to help clients uncover that story, and to translate it into a beautiful, functional, and authentic reflection of their lives.

Growing up, I was surrounded by design, thanks to my grandmother, Judy Weltsch, a fabulous decorator in Los Angeles in the 70’s + 80’s. She had a penchant for French country antiques and lots of red. Afternoon lessons on color theory and design fundamentals were a part of my curricula from an early age, as was accompanying her on shopping trips to the Pacific Design Center- my favorite!

I studied fashion design but I wasn’t a good fit for that world. When I began getting assistant jobs with interior designers, everything fell into place. I may not have chosen interiors, but interiors chose me!

I’ve been in this industry since 2002, and have been fortunate to have worked for several top-tier designers, with client rosters to match. In 2013, I took architecture courses at Laney College and started my own business, librastudio.


Being welcomed into a client’s home and allowed to improve their life experience- because that’s what good design does- it is the ultimate honor.

there are no rules to designing a room, only principles: balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis, proportion + scale.