Hi I’m Libra!

My belief as an interior designer is that every home has a story to tell- about the people who live there, the architecture, the history.

My role is to help clients uncover that story, and to translate it into a beautiful, functional, and authentic reflection of their lives.

growing up, I was surrounded by design, thanks to My grandmother, Judy weltsch, a decorator in Los angeles in the 70’s and 80’s. afternoon lessons on color theory and design fundamentals were a part of my curricula from an early age, as was accompanying her on shopping trips to the pacific Design Center- my favorite!

I studied fashion design- my first love- at the university of hawaii, focusing on swim and sportswear. with samples sewn and a small portfolio, i was back in los angeles and checking all the boxes: going on Interviews, showing my collection, doing production for a small label, sewing and creating pieces on the side…but nothing was clicking. then i got a job as a personal assistant to an interior designer. it was a little pivot, but suddenly, everything began falling into place. more opportunities came my way, and soon enough, i was again shopping at the design center.

I’ve been fortunate to work amongst the movers and shakers of the interior design world, high-end creators with a client roster to match. in 2013, I studied architecture at Laney college and made the leap to start my own business.

 my one design credo? Every room needs an element of surprise!