Better lighting in 3 steps

Q: How can I fix the lighting in my room?
A: Great question! Here are three steps you can take to dramatically improve your lighting.

Step 1. Install Dimmers! 

Step 2. Layer!

Effective lighting is layered lighting. A well-lit living space will always have a mix of different types of lights, addressing different functions within the room.

Step 3. Update your bulbs to LEDs

A few years ago, when LED’s first came out, they were really yucky- cold, harsh, and rudely unflattering. But times have changed! 

Cree makes really good dimmable ones, high quality and no flickering.

My favorite bulbs are Philips Hue, with their high level of control and color options. Hue bulbs can be added into any light fixture, plus Philips also has Hue devices, like LED strips, uplights, and outdoor spots. Where Lutron Caseta can work with or without a Hub, and use any bulbs, Philips Hue works only with Hue LED bulbs and a Hue Hub. Both integrate with your smart home devices.

stuff to know when buying LED bulbs.

  • Lumens = Brightness, which means light output. Go for max lumens and adjust to your liking with dimmer.

  • Kelvins = Temperature. 2700 - 3200 is the sweet spot for soft, white light. Once you go over 4000 kelvin, the color moves into chilly horror status.

  • Wattage = LEDs are low. They will never exceed the incandescent numbers from yore. What if the LED bulb you bought says 100W equivalent and your light fixture is rated for a 60W bulb. No problem! The light output may end up being brighter than before, but you now you have it on a dimmer, so we’re good!

Cree 75W equivalent, Bright White, dimmable

Philips Hue for 5”-6” recessed cans


Cree 60W equivalent, Bright White

Philips Hue Hub Starter Kit


Philips Hue Bloom-

perfect behind a plant!

Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Spots