Late bloomer


I’m a late bloomer and it took me a while to grow into my designer destiny. Then it was all about getting better and becoming an expert in my field. But, big reveal!, being an expert doesn’t mean I know everything!  No one knows everything. Especially if you think your an expert and you know everything. Then you’re really in trouble. The trick is to stay green! 

Listen, I don't mean eco-friendly, being-green, green-building, and all of that. Everyone can agree that those terms are dated. Sustainable choices are part of our lifestyle. (And if they’re not, if you don’t at least recycle like a fiend by now, then Houston we have a problem.)

No, the green mindset I have in mind is about staying open-minded and and interested-minded, and fresh-minded, like a we’re new to all this, even though we’re not.

A green beginner-esque attitude towards life will keep you young looking. Seriously. Okay, no I can’t guarantee that, but self-delusion in moderation supports this theory. 


Ovid said “Difficulty is what wakes up the genius”.  And genius can appear anywhere, anytime. Like lightning. And kale (also green).


Stay open, stay engaged, stay green!