Kauai 2019

Kauai, day 1-3

stayed in Princeville/hanalei. delicious food in hanalei town. we loved the food trucks, akamai juice company (try the magic dragon), and bar acuda. cute t-shirts and bikini shops are everywhere. got some cute pants at barn 808.

we did the kipu ranch ATV adventure- the 4x4 jungle waterfall tour. we had a really fun time. this is me on the ‘raiders of the lost ark’ rope swing. if we were to go again, i’d chose the waterfall picnic tour, which is 3 hours (not 4). the key to riding in an atv as a passenger, is planting your feet flat and solid in front of you, so you can brace the bumps and swerves with your legs and abs. (this also works in a race car ;)

Kauai, day 4-7

i could feel the sinus pressure on day 4, sunday. getting a sinus infection on your vacation is a bummer. but (luckily?), it didn’t get really bad till we got home. anyway, we still got outside and saw beauty, breathed fresh air, swam, soaked up the sun, and walked in a sacred forest.

kauai is kinda like heaven. except for the demon roosters.