this is the home my client grew up in. the kitchen, once lovingly remodeled by her parents, had seen decades of happy memories- and considerable wear. everything functioned okay, but it was time for an update. with bold decisions and no fear of color, we embarked on a full overhaul. The general footprint didn’t change, but everything else did.

the transformation extended into the breakfast room. the existing claw-foot oak table was the perfect size for the space and still had tons of character, although it had yellowed a bit with time. So naturally, we upcycled! By stripping and whitewashing the top and painting the base in a glossy green-blue-grey (from the same color family as the custom cabinets), we breathed new life into a vintage gem.

the beautiful custom shades are from the shade store and our decorative porcelain tile backsplash is from art tile in Oakland- yes, it is porcelain, made to look like encaustic/cement! So fabulous, right?

this is such a happy home, full of style and charm…and now we’re on to the living room!!!

my client had this to say:

Every time I get compliments on our new kitchen, I say, "I wouldn't have ended up with anything close to this without the designer I worked with- Libra Kaplan."  And then I go on to tell them how much fun I had.  Pre-Libra, my kitchen remodel was a stressful maze of decisions, each affecting the other and all demanding to be made at once. With Libra on the scene, the stress melted away.  She provided confident and creative guidance, with a zeal for detail and careful attention to what my family likes and how we use our space.  She took care of business, too, taking on projects I probably would have never found time for and executing them with talent and skill. 

I like looking at interior design magazines now- something I never did before I met Libra- and I'll tell you what I've learned: Libra's a true artist.  She's not copying a formula, she doesn't produce variations on generic themes, and she's not trying to steer you towards anything but a creative extension of yourself.  I just love being in my kitchen, and I can't recommend Libra highly enough.